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Mecca Invests in Air

Mecca Resources, Inc. is an industrial group that is thriving by creating a national network of companies and resources that all have a solid foundation in compressed air and gas. This group provides sustainable solutions for increased customer efficiency, through advanced products and services for compressed air and gas applications.

Compressed Air – The 4th Utility

Dehydration, Filtration, Purification and Separation of Compressed Air and Gases

Compressed air is a safe and reliable power source that is widely used throughout industry. Approximately 90% of all companies use compressed air in some aspect of their operations, but unlike gas, water and electricity, compressed air is generated on-site, giving the user responsibility for air quality and operational costs.

However, untreated compressed air will cause major performance and reliability problems with any system. Of this percentage of users, approximately two-thirds have some type of problem with their systems—obvious or not. Almost all of these can be directly attributed to contamination.

After generation, compressed air typically contains up to 10 different contaminants as it enters the distribution system. Modern production facilities are increasingly becoming more complex and as compressed air applications become more critical, compressed air purification is essential.

Failure to remove or reduce contamination will cause many problems with the compressed air system, for example:

  • Corrosion within compressed air storage vessels and the air distribution system

  • Blocked or damaged valves, cylinders, air motors and air tools

  • Spoiled or damaged product contamination

  • Unexpected desiccant changes for adsorption dryers

  • Damaged production equipment

  • Reduced production efficiency

  • Increased manufacturing costs

  • Inefficient production processes

Our objective is understanding the sources of compressed air contamination and the types of contaminants which must be reduced or eliminated. This is a key factor in planning an efficient compressed air system.

Solutions for Every Application

The quality of air required throughout a typical compressed air system will vary depending upon the application for which it is used.

Treatment of the compressed air at only one point alone, for example the compressor room; is not enough. Compressed air should be treated prior to entry into the distribution system (to a quality level suitable for protecting air receivers and distribution piping) and then at the point of use, with specific attention being placed on the application and the level of air quality required.

This approach to system design ensures that air is not “over treated” and provides the most cost effective solution to high quality compressed air.

The use of the ISO 8573-1:2010 Air Quality Standard provides the system engineer with a simple method of specifying the air purity required at each point in the compressed air system.

Using this standard allows our companies to quickly and easily select products from its comprehensive range of products to exactly match your system specifications and to ensure that both capital and operational costs are kept to a minimum.